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Book your car easy and transparent with RNTaCar. Make your choice in the wide variety of locations, car types and one way options. Plan without any worries. RNTaCar is flexible, nice to know if anything might change in your travel plans. Travel in a clean car with your own travel company. If you need help with your travel plans, we have an experienced customer service team who is ready to help you, also 24/7 available if you are on the road. 

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On you can rent a car worldwide for your vacation or roundtrip. RNTaCar offers car rental locations at nearly all big airports and downtown in the city centers.

RNTaCar without a worry
We are with you every step of the way

We will do our utmost to take care of you, so that you can rent a car without a worry and travel safely. Wherever the road may take you. Rent a car worldwide at airports, train stations or in the city centers. And if anything changes in your travel plans, no worries. You can easily adjust your car rental reservation.

You can book a rental car with RNTaCar without risks. Up to 48 hours before departure you can cancel or change your booking without costs. This means no unpleasant surprises and only pay for what you rent. And if you want to drop off your car at another location then where you picked it up? This is also possible at many locations.

With a rental car booked by RNTaCar you will drive in a safe and thoroughly cleaned car. The standard insurances are all included and offer you good coverage in case of damage or theft. Do you need more advice or help? Please do not hesitate to contact our experienced Customer Service team. We like to travel with you all the way!