When you rent a car, the last thing you want to worry about are the insurances. With your car rental reservation through RNTaCar, you already have the mandatory insurances included in the affordable rental prices. This way, you can hit the road without any worries. Read more about the insurances and deductibles below.


Damage Insurance (CDW)

The Collision Damage Waiver covers any damages you incur with the rental car. This could also be damage you have accidentally caused yourself. The Collision Damage Waiver is always included in your car rental and you do not have to insure yourself separately for this. Please note that depending on where you pick up your rental car, a deductible may apply. Damage to tires, the windshields, mirrors, roof, and underside of your vehicle are, in most cases, not included in the Collision Damage Waiver. With Alamo rental cars in the United States, these parts are covered by the CDW with the exclusion of damage to the tires. To protect yourself from damage charges for the uninsured parts of the car, you can choose to add our No-Risk Warranty, or in some situations, purchase an additional insurance locally. Contact us to find out about your possibilities.


Theft Insurance (TP)

Your RNTaCar rental car is also insured against theft. This insurance is called the Theft Protection. In some cases, this is part of the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). The theft protection only covers theft of the rental car. You can file a claim for any items that were still in the car with your travel insurance. Again, depending on where you pick up the rental car, a deductible may apply.


Liability Insurance (TPI/TPL/SLI)

Material damage to another car or physical injury to other persons is covered by the liability insurance. This is also referred to as the Third Party Liability or Supplemental Liability Insurance. This insurance is included in all our rates. With Alamo rental cars in the United States and Canada, we have increased the coverage to $1 million. This way, you can travel carefree and enjoy your trip to the fullest.


Roadside Assistance and Roadside Assistance Plus (RAP)

Roadside assistance for mechanical issues is included in all car rental reservations through RNTaCar. Do you need roadside assistance because you’ve locked your key in the rental car, refueled with the wrong fuel, got yourself in a position where you have to be towed or did you think you could fit in the parking spot but now you have a flat tire? Then you may not be insured for this. You can purchase the Roadside Assistance Plus in Canada and the United States for an amount starting from USD 4.99 per day (excluding taxes). Some situations can also be claimed through the No-Risk Warranty of EUR 3.50 per day (including taxes). Not sure which one to pick? Let us know and we will be happy to help you.

Protecting your deductible – No-Risk Warranty

Although the rental car is well-insured, you often have to deal with a deductible. The deductible amount differs per car type and per country and can be found in the country’s rental conditions. In order to travel 100% carefree, most people choose to protect the deductible with our advantageous No-Risk Warranty. You can take out this warranty for only € 3.50 per day. You can also choose to protect your deductible on the spot. However, this is more expensive in most cases. Read all about our No-Risk Warranty here.