Terms & Condtions


Reservations are to be made before departure. Reservations cannot be made based on a specific car model. A similar or bigger car model may be offered locally. The minimum rental period is one day and the maximal rental period may vary per country. The booking confirmation depends on availability at the time of placing the reservation. A reservation cannot be confirmed when the pick-up moment is within 24 hours of booking. A down payment in advance is required to confirm the reservation. The rest of the payment is due at the time of pick-up and is paid in the local currency. A (partial) refund cannot be guaranteed in the case of returning the car earlier. In case the car is picked up later than confirmed in the reservation, the availability of the car can no longer be guaranteed. RNTaCar can neither be held liable for possible additional costs for a more expensive car type, nor costs for alternative transportation if the renter did not follow the pick-up time as confirmed in the booking. In this scenario, a refund of the down payment can also not be guaranteed.


You can cancel your rental car free of charge up to 48 hours before departure. If you cancel your rental car within the 48 hours, it will only cost you the down payment. For most car rental suppliers this is € 15, but sometimes this is supplemented with a small surcharge.

Down payment

The down payment is made in advance using iDeal or your credit card. Once you enter this information, you automatically give permission for this. In the event that a booking request cannot be confirmed as a reservation, any amount already paid will be refunded to you immediately. The processing of refunds via the payment provider may take several working days.


On the website, your invoice and your voucher you can find what's included in the car rental. Our rates include the Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Protection, Supplemental Liability Insurance / Third Party Liability, local taxes and airport fees unless otherwise stated. Unlimited kilometers are included in most cases. A maximum number of kilometers per day may apply. In that case, the price per extra kilometer is stated in the rates. For specific information per country, please contact our reservations department.

Additional options such as additional drivers, young driver fees, drop-off charges, child seats, ski-racks and full-empty fuel policies are not yet included in the rates unless specifically stated. The published rates are correct at the moment of publishing. While changes in Federal, State or local laws and taxes may result in higher rates, we reserve the right to change the rates at any time on the rates published online. In the event of changes to the reservation, the rates published at that time will apply. This may result in a price change.

No-Risk Warranty

If there is a deductible excess on the rental car, you can choose to add the No-Risk Warranty. The No-Risk Warranty allows you to protect your deductible excess (with a maximum of € 1.500).

Read the rental conditions per country in advance so that you will not be surprised by high charges upon pick-up. The local supplier has no knowledge of the No-Risk Warranty and may still offer you an excess deductible protection on the spot. You can refuse this local protection and agree to keep the excess deductible. In case of damage, you will pay for the damage charges / excess deductible directly to the local supplier. You will claim this amount after the rental period with RNTaCar in the Netherlands. Please read the terms and conditions that apply to the No-Risk Warranty. If you want to claim your damage charge, please sent an email to info@rntacar.com or the below mentioned address. If all documents have been submitted, the claim will be processed within six weeks. 

attn. No-Risk Warranty
Bisonspoor 3002 – A701
3605 LW in Maarssen, Nederland

Keep copies of the sent forms and attachments. Once all documents have been submitted, the claim will be processed within four weeks. We can only process forms in a timely manner if they are completely and clearly filled in. Incomplete and unclear claims will result in unnecessary delays.

Picking up the car

When picking up the car, the following documents must be presented: valid passport, return flight ticket and a credit card accepted by the lessor in the name of the main driver. All drivers must be in possession of a valid driver’s license from the country of origin and in some cases also an international driver’s license. In some cases, an international driver’s license is required, for example when your driver’s license is made from paper, written in a non-latin alphabet, when the conditions require it or when the laws of the country in which you will drive require this. You must also present the voucher on the spot which you have received beforehand. An international driver’s license is not accepted as a replacement for the driver’s license.


When picking up the car, the main driver must be in possession of a credit card in their own name, which in any case covers the rental price, costs for additional options and the deposit to be paid locally. The conditions per country state which credit cards are accepted by the local supplier and how high the deposit will be in your case. The deposit cannot be paid with debit cards or cash unless explicit permission has been requested and granted in advance via RNTaCar.

Minimum and maximum age

In most destinations, the minimum age is 21 years, but this may vary by country. A maximum age may apply in some countries. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license. Fees may be charged for young drivers. The minimum and maximum age and costs for additional age-related charges may vary by country and must be paid locally. Before collecting the rental car, please check the minimum age in the rental conditions of that country.

Additional drivers

In most destinations, a surcharge may apply for additional drivers. All drivers must be in possession of a valid driver’s license from the country of origin and in some cases also an international driving license. Costs may be charged for additional drivers. These may vary by country and must be paid locally.

One ways

One way rental is allowed for some routes and must be confirmed in advance. The surcharge for drop-off at another location (drop-off costs) is variable and must always be paid locally. For more information about the drop-off costs on your route, please contact our reservations department on the telephone number: +31 30 677 48 55 or via email through info@rntacar.com. Drop-off costs are never included in the rental price and must be paid locally.

Special requests

Child seats and other additional options are available on request, however availability can never be guaranteed. In most US states, child seats for children up to 6 years old are required and must be requested in advance.

Local fees

The costs and conditions of additional options that are to be paid locally can be changed without prior notice and are subject to local taxes and / or regulations.

Capacity and car type

The declared capacity of the car is only a guideline and no rights can be derived from it. When booking, we can advise you on the suitable rental car for the number of passengers you will travel with. The type of car listed in a category is only an example and may not be available at the time of rental. The guarantees based on the four-letter SIPP code are leading. It specifies the size, number of doors, transmission, any specific fuel warranty and air conditioning inclusivity. Guarantees on cruise control, 4WD or specific models can never be given in advance.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with the car, the rent or the payment processing, you can submit a written complaint within six weeks after returning the car. You can submit this complaint by email to info@rntacar.com or by post to:

Bisonspoor 3002 – A701
3605 LT in Maarssen, Nederland

In order to process the complaint, we would like to receive the local rental agreement. We can offer limited service for complaints regarding your trip without receiving this local rental agreement.


Other conditions and requirements may apply. All rates, general terms and conditions, terms and conditions per country and SIPP (car type) codes are subject to change without notice.