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Renting a car in Canada gives you many options, both on the west and east coast. Each province has different highlights, including Nova Scotia, located in eastern Canada.

Our colleague Linda made a ten-day roundtrip in Nova Scotia and discovered several top sights, which she is happy to share with you below.

You can rent a car from Halifax from the airport or from the port. Linda flew into Halifax and picked up the car from the airport which went smoothly. The car rental signs were clearly marked, and the desks are in the parking garage on the lower level.

In addition to the following tips, we also recommend that you discover Halifax itself! The city has many pleasant shopping streets and navigating through it won’t be a problem. Many highlights are walkable, so you won’t need the rental car in the city. However, the distance from the airport to the city center is about half an hour's drive. For this part, it is useful to have a car. We therefore recommend that you pick up the rental car directly from the airport, so that you immediately have the freedom to go where you want.

1. Cape Breton Highlands National Park

When visiting this park, the best place is in a small town called Baddeck. To get to the park, follow the Cabot Trail with your rental car. This is a scenic route where the mountains meet the sea with winding roads and spectacular cliffs. Enjoying this route is easy, as with every bend there is something new to see. Because the area is surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean, you always have a view over the water. There are several hiking trails that lead to waterfalls and viewpoints. There are also numerous vantage points to stop with the rental car. With a bit of luck, you may spot a whale! Linda: “I have seen many national parks in Canada and the United States, but this one is definitely in my top three most beautiful experiences”.

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2. Whales

Near Digby you can take a whale watching boat tour. A unique experience and an absolute must when you are here. Often several boats are sailing at the same time and the helmsmen have contact with each other when they spot the animals.

3. The Indian Summer

The period up to mid-November is also described as 'Indian Summer'. During this time the weather is cloudy and clear with above average temperatures. It is a period when the leaves have already changed color and have fallen. The color palette of the landscape has been transformed. During this time, Nova Scotia is a great destination to visit. Linda: “The landscape is a kind of painter's palette of brown, green, red, orange, and yellow in many different shades. Truly stunningly beautiful.” Keep in mind that the high season ends at the end of September and some restaurants and hotels may have closed for the winter.

Nova Scotia RNTaCar blog

4. Wine Tasting

If you stay in Wolfville during your visit to Nova Scotia, you'll be in a perfect location for a wine tasting. The village is located in the heart of the vineyards and is very popular among wine lovers. You can take a Wolfville Magic Winery Bus day trip. This way you can enjoy the wine without driving around with the rental car yourself.

5. Peggy's Cove

Peggy's Cove is a small rural community on the eastern shore of St Margaret’s Bay. It is one of the popular fishing villages in Canada, due to the idyllic image of the red and white lighthouse: Peggy's Point Lighthouse. The octagonal lighthouse is 15 meters high and is built on granite rocks. This lighthouse is one of the most photographed places in Atlantic Canada.

Nova Scotia RNTaCar blog


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