Credit card


Credit card in the main drivers name

It is required to show a credit card in the main drivers name when picking up a car. This is even the case if you have paid the car with a different payment method, like IDeal. A credit card in the main drivers name is required for guarantee purposes and being able to pay the own risk limits for the car. Would you like to know what is required and what your options are if the main driver does not have a credit card? Read on!

Why does the main driver need a credit card?

The main driver is the one who is responsible for the rental car and is therefor the person who will be held accountable for damages, to the extend that it is not covered by insurance. If own risk will have to be paid, the rental company will want to claim this on the liable person. Because of that reason a credit card in the name of a passenger is not accepted. This requirement only goes for picking up the car. Of course it is possible to chose a different method for paying the rental fees.


There will be an amount reserved on the creditcard for the deposit. In most cases this will be around the amount of the Own Risk / Excess amount for the car, but it can also be less. Even if you select the No-Risk Warranty at RNTaCar, a deposit will be reserved by the rental company at the pickup location. Do you want to know more about this? Read all about the deposit and the deducible here.

A valid credit card

There is a number of things that have to be taken into account when it concerns a credit card. The most important ones are named here:

  • The names have to match. The main driver needs to show a credit card in his own name. Make sure the name on the passport and credit card match the name on the car rental reservation. This is also the case if the employer facilitates the credit card.
  • The credit card company needs to be accepted. Most credit card companies are accepted, but there can be exemptions. American Express is for example not always accepted. Preferences are mostly for Mastercard or Visa. Check the requirements and accepted cards per country and rental company.
  • Make sure there is a code on the card. Having a pin on the card is often necessary to be able to accept a deposit. Unlike with regular checking account cards, a pin for a credit card sometimes has to be arranged separately with your bank.
  • Make sure the limit on the card is sufficient. The amount of the deposit and the own risk / excess amount can differ per company and location. Be aware that the limit on the credit card has to be sufficient to reserve the full amount. This is because that maximum is the amount that your account can be indebted with in case of damages, theft or fines. Besides the deposit, there might be other payments from or reservations where you want to use your card for, like toll roads or accommodations. Make sure the limit is enough for the combination of payments and reservations. Check the terms & conditions or ask our customer service team if you want more information on the amount of the deposits.

Don’t have a credit card?

Appoint someone else as main driver Does the main driver not have a credit card? The easiest solution is to appoint that person as an extra driver and someone else from the traveling party, who does have a credit card, as the main driver. This is also possible when that other person does not or barely want to driver. If both are registered as a driver, it does not matter who is actually driving. Of course this person does need to have a valid driver’s license, passport or other valid form if identity and then of course a credit card in his or her name.

Renting a car without a credit card

Do you want to rent a car without having a credit card? In some cases this is possible. You will have to request a rental car with a cash deposit. This is, however, only possible on some location. Ask yourself if traveling without a credit card is a suitable option for the travels and locations you are planning. Regular checking account cards are not accepted everywhere and also for fuel and tollways a credit card is sometimes required. Do you have any additional questions? Feel free to contact us and we will look at all options together.