Boarder crossing


Crossing borders with your rental car

When you drive your rental car to another country then where you picked it up, it is called a cross border. Crossing one or even multiple borders can be done with a round trip but is also possible if you’d chose a one way trip.

The rental location

If you are planning to cross one or more borders you will have to indicate this at the pickup location. Often the rental company will charge you an additional fee for this, called a cross border fee. This additional fee will be charged so you are crossing the border while being insured. If you cross a border while this is not allowed by the rental company, you are not covered by insurance. If you have damage in such a case you will have to pay the costs yourself, so it is best to prevent this.

Discover multiple countries

It is advised to check the conditions from the rental company on cross borders and for specific countries before making a reservation. Then you are aware if specific reservations or approvals have to be arranged up front. It could for example be possible that approval has to be requested a number of days in advance of crossing the border, via a green card for example. For most locations, however, you will be able to arrange this at the pickup location itself. Besides that, in de conditions of the rental companies will mostly state for each country to which other countries it would be possible to travel and what the additional fees will be, if any. Would you like to travel to or through other countries with your rental car and do you want to know more about this? Please contact our customer service team.