Choose the right car


Choose a car that matches your wishes

A rental car from RNTaCar is not only a way of transportation. Of course he will bring you from A to B and beyond, but also during the trip you want to enjoy. During a vacation or roadtrip you easily drive hundreds of kilometers and if that’s in a car that matches your wishes you will enjoy every minute of it.

How to choose a rental car?

Of course you might have a preference on forehand on a small compact car or a robust SUV. But also some other criteria are important. So ask yourself a few questions, or ask for advice from our experienced Customer Service Team. With how many people are you traveling? How many suitcases do you take? Anyway it is advisory to take soft bags instead of hard case suitcases.

Do not only look at the price

Of course your budget is important too. But with 4 adults and suitcases in the smallest car category is simply not comfortable. Of course this also depends on your travel plans. Are you only traveling with your luggage from the airport to the accommodation? Then you can do with a small uncomfortable ride. But if you really do a roadtrip then comfort is important. Dare to choose with RNTaCar for a car with enough space and you will enjoy every mile of the trip!

Watch the symbols

If you rent a car you get all different options structured on your screen. You can sort on price or filter on several criteria. The cars are displayed with some icons indicating how many people fit in the car, how much luggage you can take, if there is airconditioning (in 99,5% of the cars it’s a yes) and if it’s automatic transmission or manual.