Carefree car rental


Our No-Risk Warranty

Do you want to travel 100% carefree with your rental car? With our No-Risk Warranty, your deductible is covered. This warranty is provided by Target Travel Services. If your rental car is damaged, we will reimburse the damage up to € 1500, regardless of who caused the damage. Our car rental prices always include the necessary insurances against theft, damage and liability, but in many cases, you keep a deductible. With our No-Risk Warranty, your deductible is covered, so you can really travel without any concerns.

Choosing for our No-Risk Warranty

You can add the No-Risk Warranty directly when booking your rental car. The costs for this are only € 3.50 per day. Because our No-Risk Warranty is not known at the rental location, you may be asked whether you want to take additional insurance for your own risk. This is not necessary, because you have already opted for our No-Risk Warranty. If you take out additional insurance for at the local rental location, you will not be eligible for a refund at Target Travel Services. Have you already completed your car rental reservation and do you want to add the No-Risk Warranty? Please contact our customer service team. It is only possible to add the No-Risk warranty before the pickup date.

Tires, bottom, roof, mirrors and windows

Damage to tires, bottom, roof, mirrors and windows is not always reimbursed. In the United States, these parts are insured, except tires. In some cases, it is possible to ensure these parts at the local rental location when you pick up the car. You can also choose our No-Risk Warranty, which does include those parts of the car. Especially in Iceland, this is a must because of all the gravel. In North America, for example, you can also opt for Roadside Assistance Plus.

What should I do in case of damage?

In case you have chosen for our No-Risk Warranty and you have sustained damage you’re your rental car, you are insured for your deductible. The local rental location will deduct the amount of the damage from your credit card. Afterward, you can claim this amount up to € 1500 at Target Travel Services. This can be done by sending an email to and we will help you from there. If all documents have been submitted, the claim will be processed within six weeks. Read the conditions that apply to the No-Risk Warranty.