One ways


One way car rental possibilities

A one way is a form of renting a car where you drop the car off at another location than you have picked it up. This can be at a location in the same city, a different city, in the same country or even a different country. The last situation would be called an international one way rent. With a one way there are multiple possibilities, in which you are flexible with planning the route and even during your travels. You can book a one way for almost every country and it can be combined with almost all types of cars that are offered on RNTaCar. It is not possible to combine a one way between the different rental companies.

Combine different locations

By booking a one way you can travel further distances without any additional worries, because you can drive the care to your final destination and would not have to drive back to the pick-up location. The rental locations are located on airports, train stations, ports, at hotels and resorts and on different (central) places within cities. With a one way rental it is possible to combine those different locations. For example it is possible to rent a car and pick it up at the airport and bring it to a location in a city center, or the other way around. Of course, as with any rental, all one ways are depending on the availability of the rental car at the rental companies.

One way fee

For most destinations there is an additional fee when you chose a one way rental. These additional costs are called one way fee. This fee, if there is one, varies per company and per location. An overview of the fees can be found in combination with the quote for the rental. If there are additional one way fee applicable, then these costs should always be paid at the rental location. These costs are excluding local taxes.


If you have any questions on an (international) one-way you are interested in and would like to know more on conditions and costs, please contact our customer service team. We are able to help you with all kinds of information, like locations for pick up and drop offs, times, dates and fees.

International one ways

One-way car rental is particularly popular in the United States and Canada, but as well within Europe and Australia. One-way car rentals between the United States of America and Canada (and vice versa) are possible. RNTaCar gives you the possibility to pick up a rental car in the United States and drop it off in Canada, or the other way around if you prefer. There are several popular routes, like Seattle-Vancouver, Toronto-Boston and Toronto-Buffalo. When planning a trip through North-America, it is important to know that one-ways are not possible in Alaska.

No drop-off costs in California and Florida

Drive through Death Valley, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, visit Yosemite National Park and experience the famous Route 66. A one way rental in California will not cost any additional fees on top of the rental. Only during the summer period and a one way rental from San Francisco there might be additional costs for the one way. In case this is part of your travel plans, please contact us up front, so we can help you with planning. In the state of Florida you can rent a car for a one way trip, without additional fees. Start your vacation in Miami, drive to Orlando or Tampa without any worrying!

One way car rentals in Europe

In most European countries it is allowed to pick up and drop off a rental car on different locations. The related costs differ per country. For example it is possible to book a one way route within the Balkans. Mostly it is allowed to cross borders and therefor international one-ways are popular in this region. These one ways between, for example, Croatia, Macedonia or Albania are available on request and an extra fee is applicable for crossing borders. Other international one-ways that are available are between or within Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Are you planning a vacation from the Netherlands? Then it is also possible to end your trip in another country, drop off your car there and (for example) fly back.

One way car rentals in Australia

For most locations in Australia one way routes are possible. Only with reservations from Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory this it not an option. If you are looking for an unforgettable journey along the coastline of Australia, pick up your rental car in Sydney or Melbourne, drive all the way to Cairn or Brisbane and drop it off there. In these cities you can pick up your car both at airports or locations in the city center.

Different rental suppliers

  • With Hertz, one ways are possible between various locations within the same country. Within Europe it is also possible to travel between the major cities using a one way rental. Drop off costs are applicable, but the exact fee will depend on the location of choice.
  • Europecar offers one-ways within Europe. They can be booked within a country or between different countries.
  • Via Alamo it is possible to travel between the US and Canada, using one way rental. Alamo has around 17 locations suitable for picking up a car and driving to Canada, where it can be dropped off. In Canada there are around 13 Alamo-locations for the same purpose, in the other direction.
    Also a one way in selected countries in Europe is possible.

Most popular one way routes

The below locations are the most popular routes that our customers travel on using the one way car rental option.


  • From Faro to Porto
  • From Malaga to Madrid
  • From Rome to Pisa


  • From Los Angeles to Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas to San Francisco
  • Orlando to Miami
  • Boston to Newark


  • Vancouver to Calgary
  • From Toronto to Montreal