5x tips for fall vacation car trips

Whilst it is still summer, we are already looking ahead to the fall vacation. Because early booking pays off! The prices and the car rental availability are more favorable, and the fun travel planning can already begin.

This is the period when one person enjoys the cooler temperatures, while another prefers to return to the warm, long summer days. We’re giving you a bit of both in our tips for getting out and about during the fall break.

1. Bruges

Bruges is one of the most picturesque towns in the Benelux. The leaves fall from the trees while you walk along medieval streets on your way to the chocolate museum or a cozy beer pub. Don't forget to ask the locals about the story behind the many swans in the city! Perfect for a last-minute city trip from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

2. Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city for many. It is very cozy and a great mix of old medieval character and ultramodern architecture. But what makes the city so unique in the fall? One word: Tivoli. The famous amusement park in the middle of the city is transformed into a true pumpkin spectacle in the fall. After a visit, stroll through the city and hunt authentic Danish Design for your home.

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3. Paris

The city of love is a popular destination all year round. But in the fall you avoid the large crowds! With a rental car you are there in about 6 hours (from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport) and you have all the freedom to admire the city. It also gives the opportunity to discover the surrounding areas such as the world-famous Palace of Versailles. Looking for a lesser-known town in the area? Lyons-la-Forêt is a two-hour drive northwest of Paris and is also known as 'One of the most beautiful villages in France'. It's like looking at a postcard with the pink brick, century-old market hall and charming shops and restaurants.

4. Heidelberg

Of course, one of the many historic cities of Germany cannot be missed. Heidelberg is one of our personal favorites. The city is beautifully situated in the Black Forest, along the Neckar River. The milder climate in the south of Germany transforms the city and the surrounding area into rich fall colors. It is a lively student mecca full of picturesque streets, shops, restaurants and a castle with beautiful views over the city.

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5. USA

Do you prefer to travel within the USA? 'Indian Summer' is a well-known concept in the states and stands for a period of warm, sunny and dry weather in the months of October and November. And no surprise here, because during this period many regions in the country transform themselves into a true natural spectacle. Nature provides a beautiful color palette, from green to red, orange and yellow. You can admire this in various places in the US, but we especially recommend the northeast and southeast regions such as Maine and North-Carolina.  

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