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Do you want to rent a car in Aruba? RNTaCar makes car rental easy and affordable. Easily book your perfect trip via the website and our experienced customer service is available for any questions. With RNTaCar you do not only rent a cheap rental car, but also with unlimited kilometers. This means that you never pay for what you do not use! You are certain to drive a fully cleaned car with all necessary insurance.

Discover Aruba with your rental car

Rent a car in Aruba and experience the ultimate luxury. You are your own driver and can come and go wherever you want. Bon Bini! From Queen Beatrix International Airport, you can travel straight to your hotel, resort, or any of the sights. For example, in only 12 minutes from the airport you are already in San Nicolas, better known as the “Sunrise City”, with beautiful murals and art. The next day you can easily drive in your rental car to one of the many breathtaking beaches such as Eagle Beach and Baby Beach. These clear blue seas have an average temperature of 29 degrees Celsius! And while you take care of yourself, your rental car is also taken care of with all standard insurance that is included. Do you also want to buy off your own risk? This is easy with our No-Risk Guarantee for only € 3.50 per day.

Advantages of car rental via RNTaCar

  • Renting a car in Aruba includes all necessary insurance and taxes.
  • Always cancel free of charge up to 48 hours before departure.
  • Reduce your deductible inexpensively via our No-Risk Warranty.
  • Flexible in collection and return locations and one-way options.
  • Always a thoroughly cleaned rental car.
  • Highly experienced customer service and available 24/7 via our emergency number.

Freedom to plan your ideal route

RNTaCar has more than 500,000 car rental pick-up and drop-off locations worldwide. This gives you the freedom to choose whether you want to return your car to a different location than where you picked it up. Choosing to return the rental car somewhere else? Then you sometimes must pay a one-way fee. This however depends on the country and location and is easy visible during your booking.

Rental locations in Aruba

A rental car means freedom and flexibility. In Aruba, RNTaCar offers more than 20 different pick-up and drop-off locations. For example, you can return your rental car in the capital Oranjestad or in Palm Beach. Questions? Feel free to contact our highly experienced customer service. We are happy to help you on your way!

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