5x Most beautiful routes in the USA

The USA is known as the ideal destination to explore by rental car. You will find countless beautiful routes, with extensive roads and 'open skis' above you. The reason that a rental car is favorable in the USA is due to the large distances and the limited possibilities to travel by public transportation. And you get to see more of the country! With a rental car you have the freedom to stop where you want, such as diners, markets, and the big well-known gas stations that America has.

Besides the fact that a rental car offers the ultimate freedom, the roads in America are great to drive. They drive on the right side of the road and there are many lanes. Many travelers choose to fly to central Denver and rent a car for two weeks, towards the east or west coast. Such a route, where you return the car at a different location, is called a one-way. This allows you to see more of the country. Please note that an additional surcharge is charged for this.

There are many beautiful routes to explore by car in the USA. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Overseas Highway

A visit to the 'Sunshine State' Florida is not complete without a drive on this road. The road connects the Florida Keys, the state's southernmost archipelago. The islands are connected by 42 bridges, which you can drive from Miami to Key West in about 4 hours. When you are still an hour away from Key West, you will drive over the longest of the 42 bridges, the Seven Miles Bridge. This one is more than 10 km long!

2. Pacific Coast Highway

One of the most famous routes, on Highway 1, runs along the west coast of the USA. Your Californian dream will come true on this route. If you want to drive the entire route, you drive from Olympic National Park (Washington) to the most northwestern point of the USA, through California, among others. The last part you drive along the coast to the Mexican border. Along the way you will pass huge National Parks such as Big Sur State Park and Pfeiffer. Make the occasional stop along the coast too - there's a chance you'll see a pod of whales swimming!


Pacific Coast Highway


3. Route 66

When you think of the ultimate American road trip, you quickly think of this classic route. Route 66, also known as the 'Mother Road', crosses a large part of the USA. If you want to drive the entire route, you start in Chicago and end in Santa Monica, California. The entire route is 4000 km and crosses no fewer than eight states. Along the way you will pass well-known highlights such as Las Vegas, Las Angeles, and National Parks such as Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and Death Valley. You will also pass lesser-known surprising stops such as Albuquerque and abandoned towns.

4. Colorado to Lake Tahoe

Also known as the 'Lonliest Road in America' due to the many open plains, blue lakes, and snow-capped peaks that you drive past. So don't let the nickname put you off! You drive from Colorado to Utah, where you can visit national parks such as Arches and Canyonlands. You at the largest and second deepest lake in the USA, Lake Tahoe. It is located in the Sierra Nevada, on the border between California and Nevada.


Canyonlands and Lake Tahoe


5. Blue Ridge Parkway

Attention photo enthusiasts! This road is one of the most picturesque in the country. The route is 755 km long and runs from Great Smokey Mountain National Park (North Carolina) to Shenandoah National Park (Virginia). Along the way you will pass an infinite number of sites such as museums, breathtaking viewpoints, and walking routes. Many reasons to stop along the way!

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