RNTaCar in Keflavík

Renting a car in Keflavík provides the ultimate in freedom and comfort. You rent a car from Keflavík International Airport to discover the rest of Iceland. Via RNTaCar you can easily view, compare, and book a car that suits your budget and travel group. We provide an overview of the offers of the largest rental companies worldwide. For this reason, you can rent a car cheaply in Keflavík via RNTaCar!

Rent a car from the airport

Keflavík International Airport is the airport where all international flights to and from Iceland arrive. All domestic flights depart and arrive from Reykjavik. Located at the most southwestern point of the country, Keflavík is the perfect base from which to start your journey. Where some take a shuttle bus, you can easily drive in your rental car to the capital Reykjavik in just over 30 minutes. You can indicate at the location whether you want to drive with several people in the car.


When booking your rental car, you choose whether you want to include a No-Risk Warranty. This ensures that you are 100% insured and you can purchase it for €3.50 per day. Naturally, all basic insurances against theft, damage in the event of a collision, and liability are included as a standard. The local airport tax is also included in the price. Please note that, as in most countries, you need a credit card in the name of the main driver to rent a car in Iceland.

Advantages of RNTaCar

  • View and compare world's largest providers at a glance
  • Always cancel free of charge up to 48 hours before departure
  • Reduce your deductible inexpensively via our No-Risk Warranty
  • Includes all the necessary insurance
  • Flexible in collection and return locations and one-way options
  • Always a thoroughly cleaned rental car
  • Highly experienced customer service and available 24/7 via our emergency number

Start your car journey from Keflavík

Renting a car from Keflavík guarantees a beautiful trip through Iceland. The island has one fixed highway (Route 1) on which you can easily travel around the entire island. The roads are well maintained, safe and not crowded. Just mind the cows and sheep crossing the roads! If you have any questions about the location or your booking, please contact our 24/7 available customer service.